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a pivot list

I created the pivot list when I began travelling on my own two years ago. It could also be called a if-the-shit-hits-the-fan list, or an I-will-be-okay list. I write down all the places I could go, or actions I could take if I felt like I just can't do this anymore (there were many times). My friend's mum's name was on mine. I 

to An adventure playlist

Sometimes there's a gap between the adventure you thought you'd have and the one you're actually having. I have had lots of great times while travelling the world, but mostly I have been going about the awkward business of living. I find a good playlist can always lift your spirits and put you back into adventure mode. I have listened to this with my face pressed against bus windows and 



One of the breakthrough moments I had when  I travelled on my own for two years was that 

Peter Davis

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